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We specialize in repairing iPhone.

If your iPhone is broken and you are in trouble, you do not have to worry anymore.
For example, if your iPhone has the following symptoms, I can repair it today. Of course, I will do the data as it is.

Even if it is severely damaged like a photo, I can repair it.

For example, although the glass on the screen of the iPhone got broken, it became impossible to operate, but I repaired as follows.

First, check the symptoms of the breakage of the iPhone.
Next, we will take appropriate measures. In this case, replace the front display panel.
Finally, we will confirm the operation together.
With the above flow, you can request it in about 30 minutes to complete the repair.

If you are in Iga city, Mie prefecture, you are very lucky person. Because I am also in Iga City.

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I can repair any trouble of the iPhone.

If the iPhone’s battery is degraded, you can improve it by replacing the battery.

Of course, the parts used for repair is also firm.
PSE so it's safe.(Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act)

Iga city is a famous place for ninja.

If you are visiting in Iga City by sightseeing and have been hit by iPhone trouble, you are the chance to meet a ninja. And Iga Ninja will fix your iPhone in a blink of an eye.

1.The glass of this iPhone screen is broken.

2. In this way, I can repair the iPhone beautifully.

What is wrong with your iPhone?

  • The liquid crystal of the iPhone has leaked out.
  • iPhone screen touch does not work
  • The display on the iPhone screen is strange
  • The iPhone seems to be turned on, but the screen is not displayed.
  • The iPhone’s battery runs out quickly.
  • I can not charge the iPhone.
  • My iPhone submerged.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.